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  The Noiseless Hand-trucks are designed by KANATUS which specializes in making material-handling machinery in Japan.

Shanghai His Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.., started to cooperate with KANATSU since 1994. With the super technology and well-designed mold provided by KANATSU, the high quality products have been accepted by all kinds of customs. The trademark of noiseless hand-truck has been registered patent and becomes the special name of our products.

The application of innovative, attractive plastic body and noiseless castor, reduces weight of the hand-truck. Unique design of noiseless and transmission technology makes it quiet and brisk while moving. Noiseless Hand-Trucks are widely used in plants, office buildings, libraries, hotels, restaurants, logistics and other material handling industry.

Noiseless Hand-Truck is composed of plastic deck, foldable or fixed handle, noiseless castor and other.
Plastic Deck PP and other materials.
Trait Lighter, Silent, gentle, anti-corrupt, skidproof.
Handle SPCC Seamless steel tube, thickness:2.0mm.
Trait Beautiful, Durable.
SEION Castor The housing is made by Nylon and other materials.
Trait Anti-corrupt, good tenacity, Unique aesthetic feeling.
Castor Bearing Special 6201and 6303 precision ball bearing, the criteria of precision bearing makes the castors more smoothly and low resistance.
Wheel Rubber Natural rubber and other materials make the wheels have goods flexibility, wearproof, no drag marks. And enhance the impact resistance of the whole castor.
  Performance Testing of Noiseless Hand-Trucks (Japanese JIS standard):
  According to Japanese JIS standard B8720 term

Loading:Rated loading of 150KG series Noiseless Hand-Truck, the starting power must be under 10KG.Rated loading of 300KG series Noiseless Hand-Truck, the starting power must be under 14KG.

Deck:Add fourfold rated loadings to the center of plastic deck and to test, the deck can not be broken, the bending of deck must be less than 7mm, and will be back to normal within 15 minutes.

Add sixfold starting power to the handle for one minute, the handle can not be distorted or loosed after being released.

According to Japanese JIS standard B8723 term

Castor:Add triple rated loadings to the castor, release stress after 3 minutes, the castor housing can not be distorted, rotational axis and swivel axis must be no gap or loosing.

Moving Testing for Noiseless Hand-Truck:Under rated loading, keep the speed at 4km/hr and move 10km, the wheel rubber can not be distorted, worn or cracked caused by heating.

Chinese trademark patent No. of Noiseless Hand-Truck:NO 2020733
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