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CL-Central Lock Bed Castors
In the business of health care and medical practice, patient comfort is one of the elements considered vital for recovery. The ease with which medical personnel can move medical equipments, and transport patients to and fro is equally important to the wellness of the patients.

Our Central Lock Bed Castors fulfill all criteria prerequisite of first class health care system. Besides easy to install and operate, they are quiet in motion, less machine-like and obtrusive, portraying a more relax atmosphere to the hospital environment.

Pressed steel swivel housing, precision ball bearing swivel head, braking system activated by brake cam, Φ 28x98mm round post stem with four M8 mounting holes on the stem for faster and easier installation.
Finish Available: Wheel selection:
Zinc Plating, Powder Coating,
with ABS DC covers (125x32, 150x40) Size available:
Brake types available: 125×32,150×32,200×32,150×40,200×40
DC-Design Castors
The DC is beautifully designed, and gear towards economical means.It is especially suitable for general institution applications. And with ABS cover, it can be kept clean easily and adds to the environment a more conspicuous hygienic and aesthetic value.When carts/trolleys that demands quality and a human touch, our DC would be the choice of the trade.

Pressed steel double ballrace swivel housing, zinc plated finish with aesthetic streamlined ABS covers for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Brake types available: Wheel selection:
Mounting parts available: Size available:
BB-TEK-Two in One Bi-Brake Castors
Pressed steel housing, zinc plated finish, with aesthetic streamlined ABS covers. Unique patented BB-TEK bi-braking system provides two kinds of braking system, total locking and directional locking brakes in one single castor, which allows you to lock the swivel head only for straight-line tracking, unlock all castors for easy lateral movement, or lock all castors completely for secure parking.
Brake types available: Wheel selection:
Mounting parts available: Size available:
(P1 for 125×32,P6 &P8 for 150×40,200×40)
(R8,R9,R16/td> 200x40 mm fixed castor is also available
MIRARO-Standard Castors

A standard castor comes with various choices of mounting parts, wheel selections and braking methods making it a highly versatile component for your mobile institutional equipments.

For more appealing appearance, there is also a choice of bright chrome plating over zinc chromatized plating finish. Anti-static wheels are much preferred by the electronic industry and, where ESD poses a major concern to the manufacturing or assembly process.

Pressed steel double ballrace swivel housing, zinc or bright chrome plated finish.

Brake types available: Wheel selection:
Mounting parts available: Size available:
PT-PolyTech Castors

A highly stylize castor, with fiberglass reinforced plastic cover enables it water resistant. Similar to our Stainless Steel castor, personal excellent alternative to moisture prone environment, but quite unlike the metallic counterpart, the PT offers a softer touch, and personal appeal to the equipment.

For such reasons, it is widely used in health care equipments that frequently used around moist areas, or anywhere when sterile metallic taste is less appreciated.

Nylon 6 with fiber-glass reinforced body, precision ball bearing swivel head, appealing aesthetic streamlined design.

Brake types available: Wheel selection:
Mounting parts available: Size available:100×25,125×32
  Washable, stainless steel castors also available
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