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  Shanghai His Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly Japanese-invested enterprise, specializing in making material-handling machinery and general representing KANATSU in China.

KANATSU, founded in 1950, specializes in making material-handling machinery. Its high-quality products varying from hand-trucks, castor wheels for different uses, large-sized automatic warehouse, automated production line, automated material handling system (A, G, V) extend all over the nation.

Shanghai His Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. started to cooperate with KANATSU since 1999. With the super technology and well-designed mold provided by KANATSU, its products develop from simple to complicated, including a series of plastic-plate hand-trucks featuring rust-proof, shock-resistant, noiseless (PLA Series), and stainless hand-trucks (JACK Series), as well as all kinds of wheels and castors that are used in industry, medical machinery and accurate equipments.

As the exclusive partner produces material-handling machinery for KANATSU overseas of Japan, we will develop and process continuously.
The products of Shanghai His Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. are widely used for material-handling and ancillary equipment industry. The trademark of noiseless hand-truck has been registered patent and becomes the special name of our products. The high quality products have been accepted by all kinds of customers.

Shanghai His Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. is the general agent of CATIS in Chinese mainland. At Catis, we believe that Mission is possible. And we try harder, determined to provide the world with the best castor and solution, at a price most affordable. Because we Care about your business, and we Care for your business.

The tenet of our company is “Honor Customer, Innovate Constantly�
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